The Morning Cram [what am i doing? edition]

May 8, 2013

From NPR: Jeffrey Selingo, an editor with The Chronicle of Higher Education, argues that American colleges have lost their way. In College (Un)bound, he describes the challenges facing American higher education and takes a close look at what college students are getting in return for their tuition.

Kentucky: Beekeeping in Madisonville may no longer be illegal, thanks to a proposed city ordinance that passed its first reading Monday. The price for a president is going up at Eastern Kentucky University. Paducah residents could be paying a new user fee for certain fire department services in the future. Some Paducah property owners could soon receive city assistance for roof repairs. A conference geared toward helping minority students get into the college of their choice is scheduled for June at Eastern Kentucky University.

Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam has signed a measure to change the way the state considers injured workers' claims. The Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts says it is not supporting a proposal to partially lift the group's long-standing exclusion of gays.

Illinois: A union-backed approach for dealing with Illinois' nearly $100 billion pension crisis is getting its first full airing. Federal watchdogs say they're launching an effort to bolster labor-law compliance involving hand-harvested crops in Illinois and Missouri. Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is moving forward with a plan to require local school districts to pay their share of teacher pensions.