Madisonville May Re-Legalize Beekeeping

May 7, 2013

Beekeeping in Madisonville may no longer be illegal, thanks to a proposed city ordinance that passed its first reading Monday.

Councilman Mark Lee sponsored the ordinance and says bees are an important part of the local ecology and hopes, if passed, the ordinance would slowly reintroduce private operations in the city.

Some restrictions will apply to the new ordinance, including a limit to only two registered hives at one location and at least three-hundred-thousand dollars worth of liability insurance.

But, Lee says he and his colleagues don’t  know why the 1976 ordinance banning beekeeping ever existed. State Beekeeper Sean Burgess says he may have an idea.

The Council holds a special called meeting Wednesday for the ordinance’s second reading, and Lee says he doesn’t anticipate any problems.