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Murray State University Dorm Explosion: Gas Leak, Reported

THIS POST WILL BE UPDATED: Richmond Hall at Murray State University has suffered extensive damage from an explosion that shook buildings many miles away.

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Program Changes

Race the River 2017 Facebook page

A 40 day voyage down the Ohio River beginning in Cincinnati will come to an end in Cairo, IL Thursday. But the purpose of the trip, to bring awareness to suicide prevention is just beginning for the three boys who are the youngest to brave the 981 mile trip in three kayaks.

A portion of a Marshall County Road between Benton and Fairdealing will be closed Thursday and Friday for construction.

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New laws are taking effect in Kentucky that allow charter schools, regulate Bible literacy classes in public schools and limit the supply of prescription painkillers.

In late May, several senators went to the floor of the Senate to talk about people in their states affected by the opioid crisis. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., talked about Chelsea Carter.

"She told me her drug habit began when she was 12 years old," said Capito.

Michael Pickens, Provided


Richmond Hall at Murray State University has suffered extensive damage from an explosion  that shook buildings many miles away.

  Robert Stivers, the president of the Kentucky State Senate, said he’ll ask to intervene in a legal challenge against OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma in order to release documents that deal with a settlement the company made with the state in late 2015.

City of Paducah

  The Paducah Board of Commissioners Tuesday approved the 2018 budget-- projecting $34.4 million dollars for the city's General Revenue Fund.  The budget is around $900,000 dollars more than last year’s.

   A top Republican lawmaker says Kentucky settled a lawsuit against a major prescription painkiller for "pennies on the dollar" to avoid an embarrassing conflict of interest for the state's Democratic attorney general.

  Shawnee Fossil Plant in Paducah is getting closer to it’s goal of reducing its gas emissions. TVA spokesperson Scott Brooks said the project is about 80 percent complete and should be finished by the end of this year.

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More than eight hundred Kentuckians have cleared their records under state senator Whitney Westerfield’s expungement law passed last year.


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High Hop(e)s: Craft Brewing Has Farmers Betting On Hops

The acres devoted to growing hops doubled in the U.S. in just the last five years and the trade group Hop Growers of America estimates that 95 percent of that market belongs to farmers along the West Coast. But the craft beer craze is changing the direction for hop farms by generating demand for more locally sourced ingredients, and Ohio Valley farmers like Wes Cole want in on the action.

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