Paducah Draft Ordinance Proposes Loan Program For Roof Repairs

May 8, 2013

Some Paducah property owners could soon receive city assistance for roof repairs. Paducah Renaissance Alliance Executive Director Lisa Thompson presented a draft ordinance to the Mayor and City Commission yesterday creating the Roof Stabilization Assistance Program. The program would help Renaissance District property owners repair structures in need of at least $50,000 in roof repairs. According to the draft ordinance, it would reimburse property owners for one-third of the total cost of construction not exceeding $50,000 but at a minimum of $16,666. Thompson said the city needs the program to help save buildings in danger of deterioration.

“We are at risk of losing our historic fabric if we don’t start to think of a way to handle some of these large properties that are in neglect,” Thompson said.

Initial funding for the program would come from leftover façade loan money held by Columbia Club, Inc. Thompson said she will address a few issues raised by the Commission and could have a new draft ready for a first reading as early as next week.