The Morning Cram [oh bully! edition]

Nov 4, 2013

From NPR: Roosevelt described the power of the presidency to shape public opinion as "The Bully Pulpit." That's also the title of a new book from presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, in which she explains the unique relationships Roosevelt forged with reporters.

Kentucky: With the holidays approaching, the Kentucky Arts Council is launching its annual online campaign to promote Kentucky retailers and homemade crafts. A union representing Kentucky corrections officers plans to meet to discuss a push for higher pay. An engineer battalion has a new home at Fort Campbell. Mandatory 10-digit dialing is on its way for telephone customers in western Kentucky as part of the new 364 area code being added in the region.

Illinois: A coalition of clergy members and faith leaders has sent a letter to Illinois House members encouraging them to support gay marriage.

Tennessee: Tennessee lawmakers are holding hearings this week to review the state's textbook selection process. A recent report shows Tennessee is leading most states when it comes to screening low-income children for developmental issues.