The Morning Cram [TANSTAAFL edition]

Mar 7, 2013

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From NPR: Two months ago, the popular political blogger left the comfortable world of big media and struck out on his own. His bold new plan: Ask readers to pay to subscribe to his blog.

Kentucky: Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo is calling again for passage of a measure to shore up government pensions in the waning days of the legislative session. Kentucky House Democratic leaders have won passage of a legislative redistricting plan that could strengthen their majority by forcing 11 Republicans to run against each other next year. The Crittenden County school district will receive $80,000 dollars in federal funding to reduce diesel emissions from its fleet of buses.

Tennesee: An overhaul of the state’s workers compensation system began moving forward in the Tennessee legislature yesterday. It would remove judges from the process, which is worrying some opponents.

Illinois: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says inaction on his state’s worst-in-the-nation pension problem has produced Illinois' worst-ever budget.