The Morning Cram [ dinner party edition]

Sep 24, 2013

From NPR: In a secret location, revealed minutes before the event, thousands came all dressed in white. They brought white tables and chairs, elegant china, wine and food, and they set up in a park in New York City. These elegant pop-up "white garb" dinners, called Diner en Blanc, are happening all over the world.

Kentucky:  The Murray State University Presidential Search Committee is finalizing a timeline to select the school’s 12th president. The Tennessee Valley Authority is donating five thousand dollars to help create a monument to a Muhlenberg County man who became a significant figure in the War of 1812. Kentucky’s Interim Joint Committee on Local Government will hear testimony tomorrow on a proposal to allow local governments to implement temporary sales taxes to fund specific projects.

Illinois: The Illinois Department of Central Management Services is conducting a study to collect information about contracting processes that might be unfair to under-served business communities.