The Morning Cram [protect ya neck edition]

Apr 8, 2013


From NPR: The Wu-Tang Clan looks back on 20 years of making “home-cooked, real” rap music and talks about what each member brought to the group.

Kentucky: Kentuckians made enough money to meet their tax obligations early, hitting the mark before National Tax Freedom Day. Among the bills passed this legislative session there were a few wacky measures. Lobbyists have been treating Frankfort lawmakers to lavish parties, spending more than $77,000 just in January and February. Eggner’s Ferry Bridge is undamaged after a barge broke loose from its mooring this weekend. The tax deadline is quickly approaching and more people are filing online.

Tennessee: The most contentious issues – like the school voucher proposal – have been largely decided for this legislative session. Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a Clarksville woman.