The Morning Cram [out with the old, in with the new edition]

Feb 15, 2013

From NPR: Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is doing his best to eliminate income taxes in his state. But to get rid of the old he’s going to have to do something radically un-Republican: raise other taxes.

Kentucky: A bill that would block the sale of wine and liquor in grocery stores passed in a state House committee and now moves to the full House. A bill authorizing more than $360 million in bonds for university projects is on its way to becoming reality after it passed the Senate budget committee. A pre-trial hearing has been reset for a western Kentucky man who killed the Hickman mayor last January. Senate President Robert Stivers vows to file Senate Bill 1, which would allow overseas troops to cast absentee ballots. The state House passed bills yesterday that would allow refugees and foreign-born students to stay in high school until they are 23 and raise the dropout age incrementally to 18.

Illinois: The Illinois Senate voted to legalize gay marriage yesterday, and now the measure moves to the House where it is expected to pass.