The Morning Cram [i will wait edition]

Sep 2, 2013

Credit United States Senate office of Sen. Barack Obama / wikimedia commons

From NPR: A day after President Obama announced he'll wait for congressional authorization before launching strikes on Syria; members of Congress attended a classified briefing at the Capitol. Even though there's still one week left of summer recess, dozens of lawmakers flew to Washington, D.C. from their home districts just for the meeting.

Kentucky: A ruling by the U.S. Justice Department will honor state laws on regulated marijuana sales, which greenlights production of industrial hemp in Kentucky. A cyberattack on the Kentucky Department of Education's Infinite Campus information network has kept thousands of parents from accessing online data about their schoolchildren. Kentucky basketball legend and Murray State Alumni Howard “Howie” Crittenden died Friday.

Illinois: The issue of term limits for Illinois state lawmakers is about to be resurrected in connection with the accelerating campaign for governor next year. Gov. Pat Quinn is again making a push for raising his state’s minimum wage.