The Morning Cram [The 007 edition]

Oct 2, 2012

From NPR: The children of the James Bond original producer Albert "Cubby" Broccoli talk about keeping the franchise relevant as the 50 year anniversary of the first Bond release approaches.

From Kentucky: Sen. Rand Paul says he agrees with President Obama's point that Americans must work together to turn the economy around and reduce debt, but he disagrees with his approach. The Hopkinsville TeleTech call center pushes back its opening. The Big Rivers Electric's pollution control plan is cut $225 million after a federal court ruling on power plant emissions prompted a settlement.

From Tennessee: The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office goes through massive leadership change.

From Illinois: The College Illinois savings program resumes after Gov. Pat Quinn instates new management. The U.S. Supreme Court refuses an appeal on new legislative districts disappointing G.O.P lawmakers.