The Morning Cram [talk the talk edition]

Jun 18, 2013

From NPR: President Obama says federal judges have been "overseeing" the recently exposed government surveillance programs. But few, if any, experts in the Bush or Obama administrations believe that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has the enforcement teeth it once had.

Kentucky: Gov. Steve Beshear says congressional redistricting completed last year may have to be redone in an upcoming special legislative session. Longtime western Kentucky sports writer Joey Fosko has died after suffering an apparent heart attack. A review of public water systems in Kentucky shows a drop in health-based violations. Kentucky lawmakers are reviewing a proposal that would place middle school athletics under the purview of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association.

Tennessee: Tennessee election officials plan to review a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that says states can't demand proof of citizenship.

Illinois: Two colleges in southern Illinois have announced a cooperative agreement to provide training in the emerging field of high volume oil and gas drilling. A spokeswoman for Lisa Madigan says the Illinois attorney general is "doing her job" to advise state lawmakers and make sure the Legislature's final plan on pension reform "survives an inevitable court challenge."