KY Water Report Shows Drop In Health-Based Violations

Jun 18, 2013

Credit Matthew Bowden, Wikimedia Commons

A review of public water systems in Kentucky shows a drop in health-based violations. The annual report was prepared by the Kentucky Division of Water. It shows health-based violations dropped from 96 in 2011 to 48 in 2012. Julie Roney, coordinator of the division's Drinking Water Program, says the majority of violations last year involved administrative infractions rather than problems with water treatment.

Roney says the division is serious about requiring public water systems to submit timely and accurate monitoring reports. The number of administrative violations increased from 228 in 2011 to 398 in 2012. Administrative violations include reporting incorrect data and omitting information. The report is required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. It lists Kentucky's 454 public water systems and any violations imposed in the prior year.