The Morning Cram [loudest fans edition]

Dec 18, 2013

From NPR: The Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs aren't scheduled to play each other during this NFL season — unless both happen to make it to the Super Bowl. But the two cities are in competition with each other over the title of having the world's loudest outdoor stadium.

Kentucky: A city funded concept study shows renovating Paducah's Columbia Theatre would cost $5.8 million dollars. The executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention says the president of a Baptist-affiliated agency for abused children has resigned. Land Between the Lakes National says there's a new bison calf at the Elk and Bison Prairie. More than 440,000 Kentuckians on Medicare took advantage of free preventative treatments this year. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says he will protect education spending at the expense of cutting other services as a new state budget is crafted.

Illinois: Certified firearms instructors in Illinois can now apply for concealed carry licenses.