The Morning Cram [healthcare beantown style edition]

Oct 1, 2013

Credit John Walker

From NPR: Seven years ago, the state of Massachusetts launched its own experiment with health insurance exchanges. Those involved in that experiment say it's gone smoothly, and as a result, 97 percent of the state's residents now have health coverage. Some called the program Romneycare; some still do.

Kentucky: With the possibility of a federal shutdown only hours away, government agencies have produced detailed contingency plans of how the shutdown would affect their operations as well as services in our listening area. Enrollment is set to begin for Kentucky's uninsured residents to sign up for health coverage as part of the federal health care law. The fall wildfire hazard season has started in Kentucky.

Illinois: The Southern Illinois University system's governing board is taking the next step in searching for a replacement for the university's retiring president. Illinois State Police has posted on its website a list of approved concealed carry firearms training curricula.

Tennessee: The state fire marshal's office is encouraging Tennessee residents to create an escape plan in case they are ever faced with a fire in their homes.