The Morning Cram [don’t worry be happy edition]

Feb 8, 2013

From NPR: As the U.S. considers tabulating a happiness index, some wonder about the “squishiness” of happiness data.

Kentucky: The state Senate passed a bill reforming the pension system, creating a hybrid 401k-style system for new hires. Lawmakers are considering ending the alcohol ban on Election Day. The state House delayed a vote on special taxing districts yesterday, but is expected to vote today.

Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam denies the state lost a case where the Department of Children’s Services had to provide records of children who died under its care.

Illinois: Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill that will bolster children’s services in the state and provide money for road projects after the Senate passed the legislation yesterday. Quinn’s ethics proposal to prevent lawmakers from voting on anything that would help them personally is raising eyebrows.