City of Hopkinsville Approves $100K for TeleTech Call Center Employee Training

Feb 19, 2014

As the TeleTech call center in Hopkinsville prepares to expand its services, the Hopkinsville City Council has approved a $100,000 grant to train its expanding pool of employees.

TeleTech is currently expanding operations from 200 to 500 employees. Hopkinsville Mayor Dan Kemp said the company will begin hiring the additional 300 employees between now and June.

"These are all new jobs," Kemp said. "This is quite a boost for a city the size of Hopkinsville."

The money comes from the city’s urban development action grant fund. Kemp said the city has delayed other incentives TeleTech had received – including payroll tax rebates – until the city has received the training grant money back through TeleTech’s payroll taxes.