Paducah Carpenter Crafts New Life into "Upcycled" Items

May 15, 2013

Credit Patina in Paducah, Facebook

Over 50 guest artists will be showing their works on the streets of LowerTown, Paducah, and many of the resident galleries will be open extended hours during the Arts & Music festival there Friday through Sunday. As you listen to the upcoming interview with one of these artists, selected by jurors, you might want to log on to the website Their doors will open for you to enter the site and see the works of today's Sounds Good guest, Darrell Martin. See more interviews on our LowerTown page.

See Darrell Martin's designs as you browse the Lower Town Arts and Music Festival this weekend.  Visit Mr. Martin's website,, to see his "upcycled" creations.  Also check out for a complete schedule of bands playing, artists displaying, children's activities, and food.