Murray State Alumnus Prepared to Divert Donations to Dunn's Legal Costs

Apr 8, 2013

Dr. Richard Hurt
Credit Mayo Clinic

A prominent Murray State Alumnus' letter to the Board of Regents and Governor Steve Beshear urges the reinstatement of President Randy Dunn and the resignation of Board Chairman Dr. Constantine Curris.

Dr. Richard Hurt of the Mayo Clinic is known internationally for his work on nicotine dependence. MSU’s board of regents voted 7 to 4 on March 15th not to renew president Dunn’s contract. Hurt, in his letter, encourages Dunn to fight his termination in court.

Hurt is willing to divert his annual donation to Murray State to help support Dunn’s legal fees. Dunn addressed the letter in a recent interview.

“I’m very appreciative of him taking this action and making such an offer," Dunn said. "At this point I think it is somewhat premature to talk about lawsuits or things of that nature, my guess is this has some additional unfolding that’s going to take place.”

Hurt donates between one and ten-thousand dollars annually to Murray State, according to Murray State’s latest publication that include donor levels. Hurt calls on Governor Beshear to remove Curris as board chairman if he chooses not to resign. This letter also appeared in the Louisville Courier Journal.

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