The Morning Cram [southern surprises edition]

Jan 24, 2014

From NPR: Virginia's attorney general surprised the state's political circles on Thursday when he announced he will not defend Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage when it goes before a federal judge next week. Virginians had varying reactions to Mark Herring's decision.

Kentucky: Tourism industry is seen as a money making business in many communities across the Commonwealth. A bill improving cyber security for Kentucky state government will get a vote in the House. The Murray City Council is debating reducing the council's size, meeting load and number of committees. The state Energy and Environment Cabinet is taking submissions from young nature photographers for a contest. Scientists are saying that the New Madrid fault zone in the nation's midsection is active and could spawn future large earthquakes.

Illinois: The deadline for people affected by November tornadoes in Illinois to apply for recovery assistance has been extended to February 3. The Illinois State Board of Education wants lawmakers to approve an extra $1 billion for schools next year.