The Morning Cram [gentrified edition]

Dec 3, 2013

From NPR: Another tech boom has brought an influx of money and new residents to San Francisco, and people who have long called the city home are being evicted from their apartments. Tenants and community organizers are demanding that the city do something to stop residents from being pushed out.

Kentucky: A Kentucky state representative who has co-sponsored legislation that limits the use of surveillance drones says the bill provides an exemption for the use of drones by businesses. The Kentucky Public Service Commission is urging caregivers to prepare the elderly in western Kentucky for the upcoming area code changes. The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet is offering grants to schools and other organizations that want to use rubber mulch from shredded tires as bedding on playgrounds and athletic fields.

Illinois: The hospital condition of the mayor of tornado-ravaged Brookport, Illinois is improving, days after he was injured in a car wreck. Illinois lawmakers are set to consider a historic plan to solve the state's worst-in-the-nation $100 billion pension crisis.