Write a Love Poem to WKMS!

Do you want kiss Carl Kassell? Is WKMS your valentine? 

Then write us a poem to tell us why you love WKMS! Write an ode to your favorite host, a sonnet for your go-to program, or a haiku for a memorable driveway moment. Poems can be any length or form. They just have to express your love for public radio.

The top 10 poets will receive a box of chocolates from The Chocolate Factory in Downtown Paducah, delivered to their sweetheart (or their own sweet tooth) and the winning poems will be read on air during Sounds Good on Valentine’s Day!

Please email your poems to msu.wkms@murraystate.edu with “Love Poem” in the subject line.

Be sure to include: 

Your Poem’s Title
Your Name, Address, and Phone Number
The Name and Mailing Address where you would like your chocolates sent if you win.
A brief message to be included with your chocolates.
Entries must be submitted by Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at midnight.
No WKMS personnel, professional, intern or family member may enter.  
For more information, call 800-599-4737.