WKMS Radioheads Volunteer Group

Join an active group of public radio listeners dedicated to furthering WKMS as a trusted source of information, music, and culture for our region. 

Members should have a passion for public radio! We talk about WKMS programming, foster quality business and personal relationships, and create opportunities to advocate and support the station. 

Reasons to join:

  • Be inspired: Be a part of a team advancing WKMS into the future.
  • Be influential: It's a great opportunity for your voice to be heard and to make a difference for WKMS.
  • Be connected: Get in the know! Be a part of a diverse network of peers working toward creating an energetic and dynamic environment of learning, sharing, and networking.

Contact Membership Coordinator Jenni Todd at 270.809.4748 or jtodd14@murraystate.edu to join!