Voter ID

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Final Update:

The state Election Fraud Hotline received 216 calls from 59 counties on Election Day. Attorney General Andy Beshear says most of the calls include procedural and legal questions, identification, electioneering and poll disruption.

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  The thousands of Montgomery County Tennesseans informed last week they could lose their driver’s license have one less concern, the loss won’t affect their ability to vote in the general election.

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It's held that there’s a difference between rights and privileges. But with the issue of voter identification laws, that line gets a little blurry.

A Kentucky state senator says he is unsure when he will file voter ID legislation. Republican Floor Leader Sen. Damon Thayer says such a law is necessary to provide protections from voter fraud.

A measure that allows any photo identification issued by the state of Tennessee or United States to be used for voting has been signed by the governor.

The Senate version of the legislation at one time would have allowed student ID cards issued by public universities to be used, but the House stripped out that provision and the Senate later agreed with it. The legislation also eliminates library cards as suitable voter ID.

A federal lawsuit to allow voters to use photo ID's issued by Memphis’ public library has been denied. U.S. District Judge Kevin Sharp originally denied the city’s request for a temporary injunction ordering the election commission to accept the library ID's. At a second hearing in Nashville yesterday afternoon, U.S. District Court Judge Aleta Trauger ruled the library identification cannot be used as valid voter ID's. Trauger said ID's are only valid if they are issued by the state, not county or cities. Trauger did express frustration with the law.