Trail of Tears Park

3:35 pm
Wed September 3, 2014

Celebrate Native American Heritage at Hopkinsville Intertribal Pow Wow

Credit Trail of Tears PowWow, Facebook

Trail of Tears Commemorative Park in Hopkinsville hosts its 27th Annual Pow Wow this weekend. Native Americans from across the nation come to compete in dances to the beat of authentic drumming, as well as to share fellowship with each other camping in the park. Trail of Tears Commissioner Peg Hays tells us more about the activities surrounding the dance circle on Sounds Good.

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4:32 pm
Wed October 9, 2013

Trail Of Tears Association Commemorates History and Heritage in Hopkinsville

  The Trail of Tears Association is holding their annual conference and symposium in Hopkinsville this week. The four-day conference includes board meetings, trips to Trail of Tears sites, panel discussions, informational sessions and a tour of the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park in Hopkinsville.

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4:02 pm
Thu September 6, 2012

Organizers Prepare for 25th Annual Pow-Wow in Hopkinsville

The 25th annual intertribal pow-wow is this weekend at the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park in Hopkinsville.  The park is located on a plot of land that served as a temporary home to Cherokee Indians for a short time in the 1830’s when they made their trek from their ancestral homes to Oklahoma. 

The  pow-wow began in 1987 features music, storytelling and native American dancing.  Chad Lampe speaks with Pow-Wow chairman Roger Richey about this year’s events.