Steve Riggs

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Child safety advocates have long sought modifications to Kentucky's vehicle booster seat law. 

It appears such a change is headed toward final passage in the General Assembly.  Current law requires children under age seven who are between 40 and 50 inches tall ride in a booster.  

Government Worker Incentives Bill Getting Ironed Out

Jan 24, 2014
Courtesy of Commonwealth of Kentucky

A bill that would create incentive programs for employees of the Legislative Research Commission who find ways to save money is working its way through the General Assembly. But an amendment to the bill changes the focus, and attempts to add criteria for hiring the LRC's next director.

  Kentucky’s state-run insurance plan for high-risk individuals ends Tuesday, making way for mandatory health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Kentucky state Rep. Steve Riggs of Louisville helped sponsor the legislation that implemented Kentucky Access fourteen years ago, and says the program has served a good purpose.

Just days remain in this year’s legislative session. And with lots of bills still on the board, some Kentucky lawmakers offered their assessments on productivity during KET’s Kentucky Tonight this week. Retiring Representative Danny Ford believes legislative redistricting really bogged down the process.

Kentucky House Passes Bill to Help Refugees Stay in School

Mar 20, 2012

Refugees can stay in Kentucky high schools after their 21st birthday under a bill that cleared the House Monday.  Democratic state Representative Jody Richards says the proposal is intended to help refugees who have fled to the U.S.  The divisive issue generated a lengthy floor debate with some critics, including Republican state Representative Ben Waide, questioning the wisdom of having people in their mid-20s sharing schools with teens.  Democratic Representative Steve Riggs urged colleagues to pass the measure so refugees can finish high school and become contributing taxpayers.