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Workers injured on the job received fewer prescription opioids after landmark legislation passed in Kentucky that set up a drug monitoring database, according to a new study out Tuesday.

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Across the country, American couples are marrying later in life. But in every state, minors under 18 are still allowed to legally marry. Kentucky has one of the highest rates of teen marriage in the nation, according to data recently published by Frontline and the New York Times. 

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A Paducah native and Murray State alumna who lives in Houston is in Paducah organizing relief efforts for Harvey victims in Texas.

Lindsey Bainbridge and her family moved to Texas in 2009. She was visiting family in the region when the hurricane ravaged Houston. She said her family’s neighborhood is safe- but said she feels she needs to help those impacted.

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A youth group from Lyon County is planning a trip to Texas to aid victims of Harvey flooding. 

Gentrification of neighborhoods can wreak havoc for those most vulnerable to change.

Sure, access to services and amenities rise in a gentrifying neighborhood. That is a good thing. But those amenities won't do you much good if you're forced to move because of skyrocketing housing costs.

That is why neighborhood and housing advocacy groups have spent decades searching for ways to protect longtime residents from the negative effects of gentrification.

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Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's call to remove a bust of a Confederate cavalry general and early Ku Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest from the state Capitol building is getting its first hearing this week.

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Legislative leaders are setting up a special committee to examine whether medical marijuana should be legalized in Tennessee.


  The City of Paducah may soon become a designated “Blue Zone” placing greater emphasis on healthy eating and exercise.

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The deadly white nationalist clash in Charlottesville reignited a national conversation about confederate monuments and who and what gets memorialized, a particularly thorny subject in the South.

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Eighteen Airmen from the Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rd Special Tactics Squadron left Louisville Sunday night to assist with rescue and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.