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A new 20,000-student study from Harvard University finds that children are increasingly learning to value personal success above all else. According to the Making Caring Common Project, the results of that mindset can contribute to a growing population of young people that lack empathy. Despite some challenges, local efforts have taken root to help teach both understanding and basic kindness.

A new study by the nonprofit think tank Economic Policy Institute—that is affiliated with the labor movement—concludes that a Kentucky family of four needs to earn nearly $58,000 a year to make ends meet.

In Louisville, the same family structure — two kids and two adults — would need at least $60,700 in order to live a “secure, yet modest living,” according to the report.

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  Dozens of counties in Kentucky are in need of volunteers to serve on foster care review boards.

The boards consider the cases of children placed in foster care because of dependency, neglect, and abuse. State law mandates that there be at least three volunteers on each board, although more are often needed due to heavy caseloads.


  Kentucky State Police are investigating a Saturday shooting in Ballard County's Wickliffe City Park. 

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Around 400 of the needed 650 signatures have been collected in Mayfield for a city-wide alcohol sales referendum. Meanwhile, more than 2,000 signatures have been collected toward a referendum for all of Graves County.

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  Kentucky’s distillers want to be able to sell drinks by the glass, just like wineries and breweries.

Current state law prohibits distilleries from selling drinks to visitors, something spirits producers say costs them money. Distillers can offer guests a tasting as part of a tour, but each person is limited to a total of one ounce of liquor.

Remember so-called death panels?

When Congress debated the Affordable Care Act in 2009, the legislation included a provision that would have allowed Medicare to reimburse doctors when they meet with patients to talk about end-of-life care.

But then Sarah Palin loudly argued that such payments would lead to care being withheld from the elderly and disabled.

Her assertions greatly distressed Dr. Pamelyn Close, a palliative care specialist in Los Angeles.

  Recovery efforts continue for residents in four eastern Kentucky counties following historic flash flooding in July.  Impacted families can soon begin to sign up for federal assistance.


Murray's nearly-three-month-old soup kitchen, Soup for the Soul, is preparing for a community-wide yard sale to raise funds for a new equipment. 

Co-founder Debbi Smith spoke to Kate Lochte on WKMS' Sounds Good to talk about how the kitchen has grown since opening and the goals they're still looking to accomplish.  


  Some petroleum analysts expect gas prices to spike 15-30 cents over the next week for drivers in the Midwest after BP partially shut down a large refinery in Whiting, Indiana for unplanned repairs. reports drivers in Illinois and Ohio will see the spike. Kentucky and Missouri may also be affected.