Murray, KY – In the last moments of life, we often hear about seeing the light' and moving towards it. But what happens to a person when that light grows faint and they're suddenly pulled back to Earth? Commentator Dr. Duane Bolin has a new lease on life after a near-death experience. In this commentary, he shares this experience and references Emily Dickenson's epitaph, "Called Back."

Murray, KY – Cradling a newborn, burying a loved one or laying in a hospital bed and waiting, it's easy to forget that life is fleeting and fragile unless presented with a stark reminder. Commentator Dr. Duane Bolin has a new lease on life after a near-death experience. He's since grown fond of Wendell Berry's essay, "Life is a Miracle" and shares his interpretation of the piece.

Murray, KY –

For many, autumn is a season of turkeys, pumpkins, hayrides, light jackets, raking leaves, gathering with loved ones and giving thanks. Commentator and professional storyteller Robert Valentine shares another reason why autumn is special.

Murray, KY – As we all know, the 2nd attempt to pass expanded gambling legislation in Kentucky made it out of committee only to fall short in the full legislature. Commentator Patience Renzulli is among those disappointed by the measure's failure. She says slots opponents have backed the wrong horse.

Somebody told me that people in this neck of the woods don't care much about the Kentucky Derby.

What? I think those are fightin' words.

"Kicking the Can"

Jun 5, 2009

Murray, KY – If you have fond memories of summertime as a child, you'll understand exactly what storyteller Robert Valentine is talking about when he tells the summer story of a simple, childhood game: Kicking the Can.

Larry loved to play "Kick the Can."

Santa's Sigh

Dec 19, 2008

Paducah, KY – If you're looking for a warm and fuzzy Christmas present for a loved one, a puppy might not be the best idea. The Humane Society warns "a dog is a precious purchase that will be in someone's life for an average of 15 years, so it should not be an impulse buy." Commentator Patience Renzulli addresses this issue in a story titled "Santa's Sigh."

"Please, Santa, I would like my own puppy for Christmas. I've been very good this year. And I don't want anything else. Love, Julie."

Murray, KY – With a downtrodden economy and a president-elect hopeful to implement change, many Americans are anxiously and nervously anticipating the coming year. Commentator Richard Nelson hopes for a change in the way society and lawmakers consider pornography. He believes the distinction between what is art and pornography is a fine line, but that "we are so far over the line, it is appalling."

Veterans' Day 2008

Nov 11, 2008
Mike Freeland

Murray, KY – Author and commentator Mike Freeland, a World War 2 combat medic, reflects on the cost of freedom and the responsibility of citizenship.

Fictive Kitchens

Oct 5, 2008

My Bluetooth

Oct 5, 2008

Murray, KY – Hey, Dad, prompted my daughter, start your Bluetooth and I'll give you some new ring tones.
I don't know how to do that, I replied, sheepishly.
It's true, I admit it: I don't know how to work the Bluetooth feature of my cell phone.