12:01 pm
Fri April 15, 2011

Commentary: Unfathomable feats achieved by humans

Justice Bill Cunningham

Murray, KY – It's been 6 Months since the last of 33 Chilean Miners were rescued from a Copper Mine. The world was captivated by the amazing determination of the miners and the rescuers efforts. Kentucky Supreme Court Justice, Judge Bill Cunningham has this take on the human conditions surrounding the sometimes unfathomable feats achieved by humans.

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2:35 pm
Mon March 21, 2011

Commentary: Justice Cunningham on city preservation

Justice Bill Cunningham,

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11:32 am
Fri January 28, 2011

Commentary: Memory is Sufficient

Duane Bolin

Murray, KY – Sometimes your fondest reflections on the past cannot be aided by photographs or video, but are subject, rather, to the power of your own memories. Commentator Duane Bolin has a new lease on life after a near-death experience. Shortly after the traumatic events, he found himself yearning for the familiar. In this reflection, he recalls an excerpt from an essay by writer E.B. White about the sufficiency of memory in recording life's precious moments.

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-Science & Technology - WKMS
11:45 am
Fri December 24, 2010

Disruptive Technologies

Murray, KY – The first decade of the new millennium is coming to a close and technological advances made in those first ten years could set the grounds for what will be developed in coming years. Futurist Ivan Potter calls these groundbreaking advances "disruptive technologies" and says that this isn't the first time a century was defined by its start.

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11:21 am
Wed November 24, 2010

Commentary: Is Marriage's Turkey Cooked?

Richard Nelson

Murray, KY – For many, Thanksgiving has become a tradition of gathering around a turkey with the family, sharing stories and giving thanks. Commentator Richard Nelson recently found some statistics on opinions about marriage and the traditional family, which suggest that the idea of family has changed in people's minds. Nelson found, however that most Americans still believe children fare best in two-parent families.

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5:14 pm
Thu November 11, 2010

True Eloquence, One Veterans Story

Retired U.S. Air Force Major Charley Buntin

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11:27 am
Fri October 1, 2010

Called Back - surviving a near-death experience

Dr. Duane Bolin

Murray, KY – In the last moments of life, we often hear about seeing the light' and moving towards it. But what happens to a person when that light grows faint and they're suddenly pulled back to Earth? Commentator Dr. Duane Bolin has a new lease on life after a near-death experience. In this commentary, he shares this experience and references Emily Dickenson's epitaph, "Called Back."

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11:58 am
Fri September 3, 2010

Commentary: "Life is a Miracle" - thoughts after a near-death experience

Dr. Duane Bolin

Murray, KY – Cradling a newborn, burying a loved one or laying in a hospital bed and waiting, it's easy to forget that life is fleeting and fragile unless presented with a stark reminder. Commentator Dr. Duane Bolin has a new lease on life after a near-death experience. He's since grown fond of Wendell Berry's essay, "Life is a Miracle" and shares his interpretation of the piece.

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10:52 am
Thu October 8, 2009

The Season of Stories

Robert Valentine

Murray, KY –

For many, autumn is a season of turkeys, pumpkins, hayrides, light jackets, raking leaves, gathering with loved ones and giving thanks. Commentator and professional storyteller Robert Valentine shares another reason why autumn is special.

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4:19 pm
Thu August 6, 2009

Fightin' for the Kentucky Derby

Murray, KY – As we all know, the 2nd attempt to pass expanded gambling legislation in Kentucky made it out of committee only to fall short in the full legislature. Commentator Patience Renzulli is among those disappointed by the measure's failure. She says slots opponents have backed the wrong horse.

Somebody told me that people in this neck of the woods don't care much about the Kentucky Derby.

What? I think those are fightin' words.

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