Puppies Sound Good

Puppies Sound Good
12:04 pm
Wed March 13, 2013

Puppies Sound Good: Meet Lady and Kenai

Kenai's first adventure is to WKMS!

Puppies Sound Good second Wednesdays monthly on WKMS. Kathy Hodge from the Humane Society of Calloway County brought in two very sweet and cuddly dogs today. Lady is a Pekingese Mix, and a recent mother. Her puppies turn 8 weeks old today! She was curious about the radio station, adventurous but calm and happily greeted everyone she met. Kenai is a baby Dachshund/Beagle Mix who was a little nervous when he first came up, but it was his first adventure. He loved being cuddled and fell asleep in Todd's arms during the conversation. Both dogs need loving homes. Here's more information about them and about how to adopt:

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Puppies Sound Good
12:38 pm
Wed February 13, 2013

Playful Puppies Sound Good: Meet Scout and Lincoln

Playful puppies up for adoption from The Humane Society of Calloway County came up to the WKMS studio today. We met Scout, an Australian Shepherd Mix. He was very fluffy and calm, and enjoyed watching the bigger puppies play. We also met Lincoln, an energetic English Setter. He played with Rory, another dog in the studio providing morale support. Away from play, Lincoln was friendly and loved to be pet. See more information about adoption and a list of adoptable pets at The Humane Society of Calloway County website.

Read more about Scout on his Petfinder page.

Read more about Lincoln, listed as Austin, on his Petfinder page.

12:16 pm
Wed December 12, 2012

Puppies Sound Good: Meet Auggie

Puppies Sound Good today at WKMS. Auggie from the Humane Society of Calloway County came up to ask for a loving home. He was very well behaved up here at the station. He was a little shy meeting so many people at first, but warmed up to us and enjoyed the sunshine in the studio. Here's his info from Petfinder.com:

Meet AUGGIE! He is a handsome 7 month old Pointer mix who is up for adoption.  He was rescued from an animal shelter by a Good Samaritan who fell in love with his sweet little face.  Auggie weighs 35 pounds and has a long and lean build.  He is mostly white with cute brown spots.

Humane Society of Calloway County, Murray, KY (270) 759-1884

Email Humane Society of Calloway County

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Puppies Sound Good
2:58 pm
Wed November 14, 2012

Puppies Sound Good: Meet Cheyenne

This month on "Puppies Sound Good" Chad Lampe welcomes Husky mix Cheyenne and Kathy Hodge, Brandi King of the Calloway County Humane's Society and Cheyenne's current foster care taker Auriel Lyford. Hodge and King discuss the adoption and fostering process along with an upcoming pet adoption day, December 1st, and the annual "Pet Photos with Santa Claws" event, December 8th at the Weaks Community Center in Murray. See more information at the Humane Society of Calloway County website.