Pisgah Bay Project


The Forest Service at Land Between the Lakes has canceled its controversial Pisgah Bay Project as proposed after months of public outcry.  


After months of public outcry and a meeting with officials in Washington D.C. about logging at Land Between the Lakes, the Forest Service at LBL is altering its logging plans.

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A few hundred people turned out for Thursday’s public forum in Grand Rivers to express concerns over current and future logging at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Trigg County Judge Executive Hollis Alexander, who helped organize the event, says he’s concerned the logging is happening on too much land, and too fast.

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Two western Kentucky Judge Executives are concerned about the U.S. Forest Service’s land management activities at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

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U.S. Forestry Officials are planning to thin and prescribe burns for more than 5,000 acres of forest, relocate trails, and repair roads at Land Between the Lake’s Pisgah Bay area in the coming months. These changes have sparked some concern among visitors and those with personal roots in the now public land.  

LBL Officials Encourage Pisgah Bay Dialog

May 26, 2014

  The U.S. Forest Service is developing plans to advance upland oak and shortleaf pine forest structures by thinning trees on 4,469 acres and conducting multiple prescribed fires on 5,160 acres of the Pisgah Bay Project Area at Land Between the Lakes.