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The Kentucky senate voted 32 to 4 Wednesday to put state limitations on package liquor licenses in wet communities.  The senate action comes as the State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board proposes to lift the limitation.  


A bill aimed at blocking Gov. Matt Bevin's administration from ending liquor license quotas in Kentucky has been advanced by a Senate committee. The bill would put regulatory limits on the number of liquor licenses into state law.

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Mayfield’s mayor says the first liquor store in the city’s history is set to open Tuesday. Residents voted last June to allow alcohol sales within city limits.

ABC Reviewing Murray Alcohol License Sites

Oct 19, 2012

Alcohol Beverage Control inspectors are evaluating locations in Murray that have applied for alcohol licenses. City ABC Administrator Sergeant Kendra Clere says the 30-day window for licenses closed last week. State quotas limit Murray to eight package liquor stores and seven taverns.