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The age cutoff for kindergarten in Kentucky is moving up two months next year.

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Eight western Kentucky elementary schools are among 63 schools across the state receiving funding for kindergarten readiness programs. United Way Born Learning Academies will be available at schools in McCracken, McLean, Christian, Daviess, Graves, Union, and Webster counties this fall.

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McCracken County Schools will begin a new half-day kindergarten class as soon as enough students enroll in the program.  The class will be held at Lone Oak Elementary.

POSTCARD: Mom's Thoughts on Her Child's First Day of School...Ever.

Aug 5, 2014
Lance Dennee


The chatter of parents and children returned to the hall of Clark Elementary in Paducah for the first day of classes. The first day of kindergarten offers the familiar scene of parents dropping off Kindergartners for the first time.

Mother Jennifer Tucker knew leaving her daughter, Claire, would be challenging despite having seen others do it many times.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says the Commonwealth's kindergartners will be tested for education readiness for the first time this year.  

It's part of a statewide assessment for entering school. The Brigance Kindergarten Screener measures preparedness, indicating trends and individual needs to early education teachers. 

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has contracted with a private company to implement a kindergarten screener program, but the state still needs to approve the regulatory to require all public schools to screen incoming students.