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4:52 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

LaRue County GOP Passes Resolution Urging Lawmakers to Fix Broken Pension System

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The LaRue County Republican Party has passed a resolution urging the Kentucky General Assembly to fix the state’s crumbling pension system.

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6:21 am
Tue May 6, 2014

Why One Kentucky State Pension is Outperforming the Other

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It was the best of pensions, it was the worst of pensions.

In 2013, the $14.5 billion Kentucky Retirement Systems' investment portfolio drastically underperformed its cousin—the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System—by about $1 billion.

Moreover, last year the KRS underperformed the average public pension's investment plan by about $500 million.

What's the difference?

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3:27 pm
Tue January 28, 2014

Marshall County Candidate for Retirement System Trustee Wants to Ensure Efficient Management

A Kentucky Transportation Cabinet retiree from Marshall County is on the ballot for the state pension system’s Board of Trustees.

Peter Wolff says he’s concerned about the Kentucky Employees Retirement System.

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3:50 pm
Mon January 27, 2014

Kentucky Retirement Systems Director: State's Pension Debt is $17 Billion

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Kentucky's state pension systems are slated to have to pay out more than $17 billion that the state doesn't have.

That's according to William Thielen, who is director of the Kentucky Retirement Systems. Thielen testified before lawmakers in Frankfort Monday. 

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2013 KY General Assembly
12:00 pm
Tue February 19, 2013

Steve Beshear: Casino Bill is Dead for 2013, Unsure if Instant Racing Will Be Used to Fund Pensions


Gov. Steve Beshear says he's a fan of Instant Racing for Kentucky's horse racing tracks—but he's not sure if legalizing the gambling format would be used to fund the state's struggling pension system.

Meanwhile, Beshear said casino gambling is not happening this year.

House Democratic leaders says they are looking at legalizing the slots-like game statewide to help generate at least $25 million a year to help fully fund pension obligations. Only two tracks, Ellis Park and Kentucky Downs, currently have the game.

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6:00 am
Wed December 26, 2012

Legislative Leaders Say Pensions Will Be Top Legislative Issue

Credit Kentucky Senate courtesy Commonwealth of Kentucky

The next legislative session begins on January 8, and lawmakers say fixing the state's flailing pension systems will be their top priority.

A legislative task force has suggested several ways to shore up state employee pensions, but passing legislation and paying for it will be tough.

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6:00 am
Fri November 23, 2012

Stumbo: Make High Earning Pensioners Pay More to Help Fund System

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State employees with higher pensions should pay more to help the underfunded systems recover, Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo said in a recent interview.

One thing Stumbo doesn't want to see is lawmakers floating bonds to help pay for the state’s underfunded pensions.

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12:19 pm
Fri October 12, 2012

Whitaker and Heath Differ over Lawmaker Pensions in 2nd District State House Forum

Kelly Whitaker (D) Left and Richard Heath (R) right. Chad Lampe Moderator center
Todd Hatton

Candidates for Kentucky’s 2nd District State House of Representatives both say they won’t take a pension if elected in November, but they differ on whether or not a pension should be offered to lawmakers. Kentucky’s pension system is one of the worst in the country in terms of unfunded liabilities. Heath has endorsed a pension plan for lawmakers that two GOP candidates have proposed. That plan would change the current full pension for lawmakers to an optional 401K plan for incoming lawmakers.

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8:17 am
Fri August 31, 2012

Pew report cites $23B shortfall in KY public pensions

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A new report shows Kentucky has a more than $23 billion shortfall in what should have been set aside to fund pensions for retired state employees.  The Pew Center for the States and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation released the report Thursday.   The report says the shortfall is more than twice the amount of all revenue generated from state taxes in the Commonwealth last year.  Public Pensions Task Force co-chairs, Republican Senator Damon Thayer and Democratic Representative Mike Cherry, say fixing the problem will require hard choices, good information and thoughtful analysis.   The T

Afternoon Update
4:00 pm
Wed July 25, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 7/25/12

"It's not the speediest but you can't complain about free, right?"
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Today on NPR: Some pay phones offer free Wi-Fi as part of New York City's experiment to breathe new life into its abandoned public phones.

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