Jon Cowherd

Sibling Musicians Come Home to Paducah for Concert

Aug 14, 2014

A family reunion brings a concert to Paducah's First Baptist Church next Thursday evening at 7:30. Well-known Paducah musicians and educators Janice and Ron Cowherd look forward to hearing their daughter Anne on vocals and Jon on piano, New York-based musicians, performing together. We meet them on Sounds Good.

Meet Jazz Pianist, Paducah Native, Jon Cowherd

Mar 4, 2013

Kate Lochte continues our series of interviews with young people of western Kentucky who are finding success “out there” in major markets.  This time we meet a co-founder of the Brian Blade Fellowship Band, Jon Cowherd.

Pianist Jon Cowherd is a member of jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson's band, and his instrumental work has graced albums by the likes of Rosanne Cash, Lizz Wright, Iggy Pop, Marc Cohn, Mark Olson and Victoria Williams. He tours with Ms. Wilson, Rosanne Cash and also his Fellowship Band, which he co-founded with percussionist /bandleader Brian Blade with whom he discovered musical brotherhood while both were students at Loyola University in New Orleans.