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On the day after Mayor Jim Gray announced a "conditional yes" by the Lexington Cemetery Board to accept two Confederate statues, urban county council members offered their reactions. All their public remarks Tuesday indicated satisfaction for how the matter is being handled.

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Lexington Mayor Jim Gray will go before the Lexington Cemetery Board this afternoon asking for approval to relocate two Confederate statues from the grounds of the Old Courthouse to the historic cemetery.

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Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is asking the board at a local cemetery to consider placement of two Confederate statues on its historic burial grounds.

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Lexington's council has voted to proceed with plans to move two Confederate statues from a historic downtown site.

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 Lexington’s city council is anticipated to cast a final vote this evening on moving two confederate statues off the historic courthouse grounds.

The Lexington council voted unanimously Tuesday to back Mayor Jim Gray’s plan to move two confederate statues off the old historic courthouse grounds. But where to move them looms as a large question.