J. Patrick Kerr

Morning Cram
9:13 am
Mon July 2, 2012

the morning cram [God particle edition]

NPR reports before we get to the fireworks on the Fourth of July, we might see some pyrotechnics from a giant physics experiment near Geneva, Switzerland.

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Local Government
8:18 am
Mon July 2, 2012

Paducah Receives Insurance Money from Embezzlement Claim


The city of Paducah has received over $60,000 dollars from an insurance claim on the embezzlement of more the $230,000 dollars from its convention and expo centers. 

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3:22 pm
Thu June 7, 2012

Former Paducah Expo and Convention Center Director Receives Two Year Sentence

McCracken County Sheriff's Department

The two people who embezzled more than $200,000 from the Paducah/McCracken County Convention and Expo Center will serve two year and 18 month respective prison sentences.

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Morning Cram
7:32 am
Thu June 7, 2012

the morning cram [taste of your own medicine edition]

Take that mosquitoes.

NPR reports an Australian scientist is trying to defeat dengue fever by infecting mosquitoes. It takes a very small needle, and a very steady hand.

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7:14 am
Thu June 7, 2012

Kerr and Wilson Face Sentencing Today


The pair behind a more than $230,000 dollar embezzlement scandal involving the Paducah/McCracken County Convention and Expo Centers face sentencing today. 

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8:40 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Paducah/McCracken County CCC Requests Funds

The Paducah McCracken County Convention Corporation is requesting funds from both the city and the county governments. CCC spokesman Hal Sullivan says they will need $100,000 dollars from entity to aid in the operation of the convention and expo centers. He says the funds would be used to pay for management services from the Carson Center, as well as insurance and maintenance. 

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Crime and Law
1:51 pm
Thu March 22, 2012

CCC gets Embezzlement Investigation Report

An investigation into the embezzlement of more than $230,000 dollars from the Paducah-McCracken County convention and expo centers is complete.

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Kerr, Wilson Plead Guilty
3:45 pm
Fri March 16, 2012

Kerr and Wislon Plead Guilty

J. Patrick Kerr and Susan Wilson pleaded guilty today to federal charges stemming from the embezzlement of more than $230,000 dollars from the Paducah-McCracken Convention and Expo Centers. The charges include Theft and Misappropriation of Property under Custody of a Federal Program. The two could face up to 20 years in federal prison. Sentencing is scheduled for June 8th in Paducah.

Paducah Convention Center
3:28 pm
Tue March 13, 2012

Kerr and Wilson to Plead Guilty to Embezzlement

McCracken County Jail

The pair accused of embezzling more than $230,000 from the Paducah Expo and Convention centers will change their pleas to guilty in a deal with federal prosecutors. J. Patrick Kerr’s lawyer Mark Bryant says Kerr and his alleged accomplice Susan Wilson will pay more than $25,000 in restitution, but he declined to give further information until Friday.