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Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposal to reinstate the death penalty for certain violent crimes, as well as other changes he made to gun legislation, will get a House hearing.

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Eight years after Illinois abolished the death penalty, the state's Republican governor on Monday proposed reinstating the punishment for mass killers and people who gun down police officers.

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Measures that would increase penalties for assaults against Illinois Department of Child and Family Services employees that were spurred following a caseworker's death are seeing slow progress.


  An Illinois bill would allow veterans organizations to install gambling machines in communities that would otherwise prohibit them.

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  A new amendment to proposed legislation in Illinois would require hospitals to train nurses in sexual assault care by 2021.

Illinois Sees Increase in Renewable Energy Developments

Apr 24, 2018
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New state requirements and incentives are drawing renewable energy developers to Illinois.

The 2016 Future Energy Jobs Act requires Illinois utilities to have renewable sources account for 25 percent of their retail power by 2025, The Chicago Tribune reported . The act has an annual budget of more than $200 million to create programs and incentives that encourage solar development.

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A change in Illinois law aims to improve how police respond to sexual assault allegations by requiring officers undergo new training to improve sensitivity toward victims and learn about trauma.

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Southern Illinois conservation partners are testing a new information-sharing system using their smartphones.

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More women appear to be traveling to Illinois from out of state to have an abortion, according to Illinois Department of Public Health figures, and activists say it could be because surrounding states have tighter restrictions.

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Illinois State Police say a woman is dead after striking a tree with her vehicle in southern Illinois.