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So far, nine Democratic members of the Kentucky House of Representatives have announced they won’t seek re-election to the Republican-dominated chamber this November.


  Congressman John Yarmuth of Louisville has announced he will run for reelection in 2018. Yarmuth is the lone Democrat among Kentucky’s U.S. representatives and senators. In a statement, Yarmuth said that he was invigorated by those speaking out against President Donald Trump.

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House Democrats say they would agree to spend less on state colleges and universities if it means lawmakers could reach an agreement on a two-year plan to spend more than $65 billion in public money. 

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A new version of the state budget, penned by Kentucky House Democrats, reverses some of Gov. Matt Bevin’s proposed cuts to state spending.

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Kentucky’s Republican Gov. Matt Bevin went viral Monday with a video he made in the Kentucky State Capitol, chastising the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives for not working to pass his budget. But House leaders and the Kentucky Democratic Party have called Bevin’s video misleading.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has appointed State Rep. John Tilley (D-Hopkinsville) to serve as Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.  

Tilley is currently serving in his fifth term in the Kentucky House of Representatives.  He is a former prosecutor and is nationally-recognized for his work on criminal justice reform and drug policy.

He is also the first Democrat appointed by the Republican Governor to a cabinet position.

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Kentucky House Democrats are enlisting Governor Steve Beshear for electoral help.

In addition to fundraisers and public appearances with candidates, Governor Steve Beshear is now appearing in TV ads asking for broad support for House Democrats.