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Officials for Honeywell’s Metropolis plant say the facility will begin full production of uranium hexafluoride this morning.  Honeywell made the announcement yesterday after the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s completion of a plant upgrade review last week. 

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Honeywell's Metropolis plant can resume full operations after receiving the go ahead from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The plant which converts uranium or to uranium-hexafluoride closed last year after failing to meet standards for natural disaster preparedness. 228 employees had been without work while the plant addressed the infrastructure needs. 

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The Honeywell Uranium Processing Facility is allowing some plant workers to leave while law enforcement and plant management continue investigating a report of an explosive device in the plant.

Honeywell went on lockdown after receiving the report this afternoon. Honeywell spokesman Peter Dalpe said law enforcement and members of the state bomb squad are on scene. 

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Honeywell officials are awaiting the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's final approval before resuming normal operations at the Metropolis plant. 

In a letter to employees, Plant Manager Larry Smith says the plant should be ready to resume work this month once an undated final inspection confirms the plant meets safety standards.

Honeywell To Reopen With Fewer Jobs

Apr 16, 2013
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Honeywell officials project lower employment levels when work resumes at the Metropolis plant this summer. The company announced in a letter to employees yesterday it plans restarting production by June.

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The Honeywell uranium fuel conversion plant in Metropolis, IL is still on track to restart work in June after a May shutdown to upgrade parts of plant. Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspectors prompted the shutdown when they found equipment there could not withstand a major earthquake or tornado.

NRC Holds Public Meeting on Honeywell Upgrades

Nov 19, 2012

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission holds a public meeting next week in Metropolis to talk about safety upgrades at the local Honeywell nuclear fuel refinery. The plant shut down in May because NRC inspectors found the equipment could not withstand a major earthquake or tornado.

Honeywell Sets Potential June Plant Restart Date

Nov 1, 2012
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Honeywell officials say they could restart production at the Metropolis, Illinois nuclear fuel refinery next June. The plant shut down in July this year after a Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspection found a need for safety upgrades. The move laid off 212 union workers. Honeywell spokesman John McCarthy says a staff of a little over a hundred remains at the facility. Plant officials hope to begin recalling workers for retraining and certification in April.

NRC Gives Honeywell Plant Safety Improvement Plan

Oct 16, 2012

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has outlined safety improvements needed at the Honeywell nuclear refinery plant in Metropolis before it can reopen. NRC inspectors found earlier this year that the plant did not have proper bracings and support to withstand a major earthquake or tornado. After the inspection, the plant shut down operations, laying off over 220 union workers. Since that time Honeywell and the NRC have been negotiating a plan to upgrade the facility.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Meeting with Honeywell

Aug 22, 2012

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission plans talks next week in Atlanta with executives from Honeywell’s Metropolis, Ill., plant. The Paducah Sun reports they’ll meet Monday to discuss apparent violations associated with the company’s alleged failure to identify the kinds of accidents significant earthquakes or tornadoes might cause. NRC Public Affairs Officer Roger Hannah says the agency is especially concerned about the potential release of large amounts of uranium hexafluoride.   The meeting will review information presented by the plant.