Murray State to Host Hemp Education and Field Day

Jul 25, 2016
Whitney Jones, WKMS

Murray State University will host a Hemp Education and Field Day held at the Curris Center next month. 

Nicole Erwin, WKMS

Hemp has been used legally for years in products that display the US Department of Agriculture’s Organic Seal--as long as those products are imported. Any hemp based product originating from a domestic crop is banned from carrying this same organic certification. Kentucky Department of Agriculture Officials have said such a ban is a discriminatory act.

Why Did Facebook Block Our Reporting On Hemp?

Jul 8, 2016

Hey, Mark Zuckerberg, can we talk about hemp? No, really, I’m asking: can we? Because a recent experience with Facebook left the impression that reporting on the plant used in products from soap to rope is taboo. Verboten. The leaf that dare not speak its name.

High Hopes For Hemp

Jun 27, 2016
Nicole Erwin, Ohio Valley ReSource

Farmers throughout the Ohio Valley want to revive a crop that was once a staple in the region: hemp. After a ban that lasted more than half a century, the 2014 Farm Bill allowed states to grow hemp in research programs. Growers and processors in Kentucky are aggressively putting that research program to work in hopes of winning a share of the booming market for hemp products. 

Kentucky Hemp Works via Facebook

A western Kentucky business is bringing industrial hemp to market. Kentucky Hemp Works has opened a processing facility in Christian County.

Whitney Jones, WKMS

Kentucky’s industrial hemp market is growing as the state’s pilot program continues into its third year. As of February, there were 36 hemp processors in the state. That number is up 10 from last year.

Whitney Jones / WKMS

Half of Tennessee farmers who participated in the state’s return to industrial hemp farming have yet to apply for a permit to grow the highly regulated seed again. 

In 2015, approximately 50 farmers signed up to grow the crop. With two weeks left to apply, WBIR-TV reports that only 25 farmers have applied.  

Cocke County farmer Chuck Mason says he thought the crop would be a "gold mine," but when seeds arrived more than a month late due to customs delays, the crop turned into a bust. Mason says he will return to growing hay this year.

Ryan Quarles / Facebook

Kentucky’s new agriculture commissioner says he will pick up where his predecessor left off when it comes to industrial hemp. 

Ryan Quarles was in Bowling Green Friday for the Kentucky Commodity Conference. 

Newsweek reporter Jessica Firger recently wrote a story in which she described the challenges for Kentucky farmers growing the plant.

On Tuesday, Firger discussed with Kentucky Public Radio how the state’s fledgling hemp industry is providing an alternative for down-and-out tobacco farmers in the state.

Barbetorte, Wikimedia Commons

Kentucky farmers are planting more than 1,700 acres of hemp  as part of the second year of the state’s industrial hemp research program, with 256 of those acres in west Kentucky.