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Illinois officials have moved eight of the state's more volatile criminals from the supermax Tamms penitentiary. The move occurred yesterday, part of Governor Pat Quinn's plan to close Tamms and one other major prison.  The same day, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees filed a lawsuit to stop the transfers.  The union for Illinois’ corrections workers wants the state to negotiate how moving dangerous criminals will affect them.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has called lawmakers back to Springfield for a one-day special session August 17th to reform the state’s pension systems. But, so far, he doesn’t have a plan beyond that. Quinn said lawmakers already have legislation on the table they should consider. That includes a measure pushed by Senate President John Cullerton addressing two of the state’s five pension systems. Legislative leaders have been deadlocked over how to address the state’s $83 billion dollars in unfunded pension liability.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed new laws over the weekend aimed at protecting the elderly by increasing caregiver oversight and making it easier for authorities to respond to cases of abuse or neglect. One of the new measures allows prosecutors to ask a court to freeze a suspect's assets if they are charged with financial exploitation of an elderly person. It’s meant to keep a defendant from spending stolen money before restitution is collected. Another new law allows police and fire departments access to reports of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation against the elderly.

Illinois legislation will raise fines for people that misuse disabled parking tags to $600 next year. The new law also imposes a $1,000 fine on any healthcare provider who knowingly falsifies the certification allowing someone to get a disability plate or parking decal.

Illinois drivers are coming under more pressure to stay off their cell phones. Governor Pat Quinn has signed four new laws aimed at making state roadways safer. Three of them confront the problem of drivers becoming distracted by talking and texting on their cell phones. 

Quinn Signs Transparency Legislation

Jul 20, 2012
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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has signed legislation to improve public access to information about government meetings. 

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Jul 20, 2012
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From NPR: The ousting of a North Korean chief is indicative of deeper issues in the republic.