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A Kentucky ethics panel has filed charges against a family court judge who refused to handle adoptions by gay parents. The judge, W. Mitchell Nance, submitted his resignation on Wednesday. 

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When Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear called a special session this month of legislative redistricting, he left open the possibility that judicial districts could be addressed, as well. 

The Kentucky Supreme Court last year certified the need for two family court judgeships in Daviess county.  Chief Justice John Minton says family court positions have not made it into the budget in previous sessions.

Lindsey Harlan Speaks on Helping Children Through CASA

Sep 11, 2012

Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASAs are volunteers who are trained to help in cases of child abuse and neglect. Volunteers observe children first hand and report back to the court to help judges make the best decision in family court cases. Kentucky has 2o CASA programs. In 2010, they served a little over 2,000 children. Funding for these programs comes from donations and grants, and directly contributes to how many children they may serve.