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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said a settlement agreement was reached this year involving a cargo ship crashing into the old Eggners Ferry Bridge in 2012.

The National Transportation Safety Board says the January 2012 allision between the cargo ship the Delta Mariner and the Eggners Ferry Bridge resulted from poor bridge span lighting and crew inattention to available navigational tools. The ship sheared off a 300 foot span of the bridge that crosses Kentucky Lake. No one was injured. 

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The Eggners Ferry Bridge reopened today to traffic across Kentucky Lake from Marshall County to Land Between the Lakes.  The bridge had been closed since late January after a cargo ship struck and collapsed a 322 foot span. Prior to the reopening the highway department allowed for visitors to walk or bike across the bridge.

Delta Mariner to Pass Under Eggner's Ferry Bridge Tonight

May 18, 2012
Chad Lampe

The cargo ship The Delta Mariner is expected to pass under the bridge around 6 tonight. This is the first time the ship will pass under the bridge that it mangled since the new span has been in place.  

Governor Steve Beshear will be in Eddyville Tuesday with an update on repair work to the Eggners Ferry Bridge. Beshear along with Chief District Engineer Jim Lefevre and Tom Roberts of Hall Contracting will be at the Lyon County Riverport Authority at 1:30.

It’s likely they’ll discuss staging for repair work on the bridge that lost a 300 foot span after a cargo ship crashed into the road deck in January.

Eggners Ferry Bridge Hearings Conclude

Apr 23, 2012
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Joint U.S. Coast Guard/National Transportation Safety Board hearings on the January crash of a cargo ship into the Eggners Ferry Bridge concluded Friday with testimony from vessel pilot Michael Collins. Collins was the last in a line of Kentucky Transportation workers, ship crew and representatives of vessel owner Foss Maritime who testified on policy, regulations, bridge lighting and ship conditions. Foss Senior Vice President of Operations Scott Merritt gave testimony Wednesday. After the hearing concluded, he said he could not confirm if his company would seek litigation.

Local Reaction to Bridge Hearings

Apr 20, 2012
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Testimony provided during the Coast Guard hearings on the crash that collapsed a portion of the Eggners Ferry Bridge has provided some answers for those who's livelihood depend on the bridge traffic. Some information shocked Aurora restaurant owner Bertha Wilson who attended hearings earlier in the week:

 “I guess it’s just real disappointing to know there just wasn’t better facets in place to check these navigation lights and things like that, and I’m kind of focusing for that first day because that’s when I was there and hearing that. It’s hugely important like we know now.”

Bridge Collapse Hearings: Day Four

Apr 19, 2012
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The fourth day of the Eggners Ferry Bridge Hearings began with testimony from the former third mate on the Delta Mariner.

Bridge Collapse Hearings: Day One

Apr 16, 2012

The first day testimonies in the Coast Guard’s Eggners Ferry Bridge hearing revolved around navigation lights. The hearing began yesterday and explored the causes of the January 26 incident involving a Foss Maritime cargo ship that collided with and collapsed a section of the bridge connecting Aurora to Land Between the Lakes.