3:58 pm
Wed June 6, 2012

Metropolis Superman Celebration

Metropolis Illinois’ Superman Celebration begins Thursday afternoon. This is the 40th year since DC Comics allowed the city to call itself the “Hometown of Superman.” 

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History Commentary
1:27 pm
Tue June 5, 2012

Islamism and the First Egyptian Presidential Election

Mosques in Cairo
ThutmoseIII, Wikimedia Commons

Dr. Zackery M. Heern, Assistant Professor of Middle East Studies at Murray State University, gives some historical insight into Islam and Egypt's first presidential election.

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Illinois Civil Unions
2:02 pm
Fri June 1, 2012

Report Highlights Troubles for Illinois Same-Sex Couples

An advocacy group says many same-sex Illinois couples in civil unions have trouble filing joint taxes, getting health benefits for their partners and adopting. 

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Kincaid Mounds
12:12 pm
Fri May 25, 2012

Kincaid Mounds Damage by Possible Looters

Picture of the hole made in the Kincaid Mounds by a possible looter.
Sheila Richey Kincaid Mounds Support Organization

Southern Illinois authorities are investigating damage and possible looting to prehistoric native American sites in Massac and Pope Counties.

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10:24 am
Fri May 25, 2012

Historian William C. Davis on Jefferson Davis

June 3rd marks the 204th birthday of one of the only two native Kentuckians to hold an American presidency.  One is, of course, Abraham Lincoln, and the other is his Civil War counterpart, Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  

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3:36 pm
Thu May 24, 2012

Wickliffe Mounds Reburial Postponed

Wickliffe Mounds
Wikimedia Commons

A public ceremony to acknowledge the reburial of excavated remains from the Wickliffe burial mound in Ballard County has been postponed.

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LowerTown Arts and Music Festival
4:11 pm
Mon May 21, 2012

WKMS at the LowerTown Arts & Music Festival 2012 (Photos by John Paul Henry)

WKMS Booth at LowerTown 2012
John Paul Henry,

Did you stop by our booth at LowerTown this weekend? We had a blast! Paducah-based photographer John Paul Henry took a bunch of great photos on Friday night, covering our live broadcast. Beyond The Edge host Tracy Ross emceed performances by The Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, Tommy & The Oh's, and The Great Gatsby Jazz Funk Odyssey. 

See more of John Paul Henry's work at his website:

3:45 pm
Mon May 21, 2012

Opinion: The Right Recipe for Marriage

On May 9th, Barack Obama made history and headlines, becoming the first sitting president to openly support gay marriage. As expected, media outlets jumped on this announcement, a contentious social issue with favorability weighing almost an even split for and against in the polls. Commentator Richard Nelson argues that overall media coverage appeared bias, praising Obama for his “evolution” on the issue, without considering the other 50 percent or so who disagree on the issue. In his commentary, Nelson takes the opposing view and argues that the right recipe for marriage should include God in the mix.

Please note: Commentaries political in nature are solely the opinions of the commentator and do not necessarily reflect the views of WKMS or its staff.

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LowerTown Arts & Music Festival
9:00 pm
Fri May 18, 2012

LowerTown: A Musical Extravaganza

A ukele orchestra, gospel groups fresh from church, some familiar faces like Bawn in the Mash, Alonzo Pennington, Solid Rockit Boosters and many more music groups are entertaining at the Lowertown Arts and Music Festival through the weekend.  Paducah Symphony Orchestra’s Artistic Services Manager Leigh Ann Renfro was on the committee choosing the tunes and speaks with Kate Lochte about the eclectic mix of live music.

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LowerTown Arts & Music Festival
7:16 pm
Fri May 18, 2012

LowerTown: Children's Activities, Hooked on Science

Kids activities from LowerTown Arts and Music Festival 2011

Hear  Purchase Parenting Magazine Publisher Karen Hammond's overview of the Children's Activities at the Lowertown Arts and Music Festival. In addition to these attractions, Jason Lindsey will be there with his Hooked on Science programs.

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