Companion Planting

From the Garden Gate: Companion Planting

Jul 11, 2013
Manfred Sause, Wikimedia Commons

Here's this week's "From the Garden Gate" by English professor and gardening enthusiast Roy Helton. This week's topic is "companions," combining flowers and vegetables in your garden.

Companions in the Garden

Probably when most of us hear the expression “companion planting,” we think of vegetable gardens and the kinds of flowers that are said to provide benefits for the veggies. The old-fashioned method of including marigolds and nasturtiums in vegetable beds is even receiving increased attention as scientific research catches up with garden lore. One list of suggested flower-vegetable combinations is catnip with eggplant to deter flea beetles, borage with tomatoes to attract beneficial insects, nasturtiums near squash to deter squash beetles, and petunias to act as an alternative food source for the aphids and beetles that go after cucumbers and pumpkins.