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Haws Memorial Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Fulton is embarking on the use of the program Music & Memory with those suffering with Alzheimer's and dementia. The Center's Jo Ann Roy says that they have about twelve iPods in use with residents and in a month or so they will bring families in to view the documentary about Music & Memory titled "Alive Inside" at the facility. In Murray, Cheri Theatres offers two free viewings of "Alive Inside," winner of the Audience Award at last year's Sundance Film Festival. Kate Lochte speaks with Deborah Ferris, Regional Program Coordinator for Music & Memory about the organization and how iPods full of music help give patients therapeutic joy.

Going to the movies is one those experiences that everyone should be able to enjoy. You’ve got your popcorn, candy, and an icy Coke. The lights dim, and for the next two hours, you’re in another world. But for some with disabilities, like autism or epilepsy, going to the movies can be almost impossible. Movie theaters all over the country, though, are taking steps to change that. Even here in Murray, the Cheri Theaters have started playing movies that are sensory friendly for children.