Bill Haslam

Tennessee Cracks Down on Tattoos

May 16, 2012

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed a proposal cracking down on the tattooing of minors into law.  The law makes it illegal for anyone who is unlicensed to possess tattooing paraphernalia. 

Haslam's Second Legislative Session No Slam Dunk

May 7, 2012

In the months following his first legislative session, freshman Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam was able to boast in speeches about unanimous approval of his budget plan and a near perfect record with his legislative agenda.  The Republican's sophomore effort wasn't quite as much of a slam dunk.

Haslam Vetoes Nondiscrimination Bill

May 3, 2012

The governor has vetoed a measure that tried to force Vanderbilt University to exempt student religious groups from its nondiscrimination policy. The university's so-called "all-comers" policy requires student groups at the school to allow any interested students to join and run for office. Some religious groups have waged a high-profile battle to overturn it. Haslam says he disagrees the universities policy, but he says it's "inappropriate for government to mandate the policies of a private institution." The veto is Haslam's first since he took office in 2010.

Governor Haslam Won't Sign Foreign Employment Limit Bill

May 3, 2012

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam says he will allow a bill seeking to limit the number of foreign workers at charter schools to become law without his signature. Haslam says he questions the constitutionality of the measure and doesn't want to harm the state's efforts to improve education standards. But he notes the bill is "permissive and not mandatory," so he will let it become law while he asks for a formal legal opinion from the attorney general. 

Tennessee Lawmakers Adjourn Legislative Session

May 2, 2012

The Tennessee General Assembly has adjourned without a final showdown over a contentious gun issue. A bill seeking to allow employees to store weapons in their vehicles parked on company lots was opposed by Governor Bill Haslam and the Republican speakers of the House and Senate, and lawmakers avoided bringing it to the floor in the final day of the session.

It seems European leader isn't a steady career. 

NPR reports amid economic struggles, European voters are giving their leaders the boot.

Kentucky ~ No pull for ALEC here.

Illinois ~ The fight against fracking continues.

Tennessee House Approves Spending Plan

Apr 27, 2012

The Tennessee House has passed Governor Bill Haslam's $30.4 billion dollar spending plan after rejecting several efforts to restore programs and make a greater reduction in the state's sales tax on groceries. The chamber voted 66-30 yesterday to pass the bill. Approval was delayed by more than an hour by a spirited debate over Haslam's plan to close a Youth Development Center in Bledsoe County. But after a break - and heavy lobbying by Republican leaders and Haslam staffers - the chamber moved on. The Senate has yet to vote on its version of the spending plan.

Tenn Gov. Bill Haslam is expressing reservations about a bill seeking to cap the number of foreigners working at Tennessee charter schools.

The Republican governor says he is concerned about the measure headed for his consideration after passing both chambers.

Haslam says the state is trying to promote more science, technology, engineering and math classes in the state, and he doesn't want to close off a potential pipeline of teachers with expertise in those subjects.

Tennessee Info Protection Bill Withdrawn

Apr 12, 2012

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's effort to close off public access to company information used to decide economic development grants has been withdrawn for the year. Republican Senator Bo Watson says the decision followed a failure to reach a compromise. The Haslam administration argues the measure allows the state to ask for more details about businesses seeking cash grants while assuring companies’ proprietary information would not become public. Open government advocates argue that information is already exempt from public records laws.

Parent Grading Bill Headed to Tennessee House Floor

Apr 11, 2012

Tennessee parents would grade themselves on how involved they are in a student's school performance under legislation headed for a state House floor vote.  The measure passed the House Finance Committee Tuesday on a voice vote.