Andy Holt

Alex Britt took office Tuesday as Weakley County, Tennessee's new administrator of elections, after being approved last month by the county election commission.

Britt's bid was endorsed by Tennessee state Rep. Andy Holt. Previous election administrator Barbara Castleman alleged that Holt replaced three Republican  election commissioners in order to ensure that Britt would get the job.

Weakley County, Tennessee’s election administrator is crying foul over moves made by a local lawmaker to reshuffle the county’s election commission.

Tennessee General Assembly /

A Nashville television station is alleging Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt has committed violations and contaminated a creek while farming hogs in Weakley County. But state regulators haven’t taken any action against him.

Tennessee Horse Slaughter Bill Opposition

Apr 17, 2012

Opponents of a bill seeking to attract horse slaughter facilities to Tennessee hope the measure finally meets its demise in the General Assembly.  The Senate version of the bill was taken off notice last week, though the sponsor says he will revive the measure if the House approves the companion bill.  The lower chamber was scheduled to take up its version of Representative Andy Holt’s bill Monday evening.