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Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear said Wednesday his office has secured $152,000 from a multistate settlement involving a pharmaceutical company. 

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Kentucky's Democratic attorney general says his efforts to sue companies that make powerfully addictive opioid-based painkillers have been stymied by the administration of the state's Republican governor. 

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Update: Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson committed suicide on Wednesday.   

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear said that the state House of Representatives should look into expelling Rep. Dan Johnson, who has been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old.

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Kentucky's attorney general is recruiting hotel workers to join the fight against human trafficking. 

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Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear has filed a lawsuit against opioid maker Endo Pharmaceuticals for pushing a highly addictive drug on doctors in Kentucky and contributing to the opioid crisis. 

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Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear plans to announce an initiative to combat opioid overdoses and deaths.

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Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear has asked a judge to stop Governor Matt Bevin from trying to recover $4.2 million dollars a Louisville law firm received as part of a state settlement against Oxycontin-maker Purdue Pharma.

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A judge has ordered Kentucky State University to let the attorney general examine some documents about alleged sexual misconduct of some of the school's employees. 

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  Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear says he plans to sue President Donald Trump over his plan to repeal subsidies that help people afford health insurance under Obamacare.

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  Kentucky has received a $3 million federal grant that will fund a new unit in the attorney general’s office to investigate sexual assault cold cases.